Food & Wine Tour in Rome

Campo dei fiori (in front of La carbonara restaurant)


Food & Wine Tasting Tour in Rome

Your voyage through the flavors of Rome starts in one of the city’s finest foodie neighborhoods: Campo dei Fiori, where you will discover one of the most famous markets in Rome.

The beautiful square, surrounded by elegant palaces is full of the bustling markets every morning except Sunday. Colorful products are arranged everywhere, and you can’t stop taking photos.
We will explain all the stories and peculiarities of many specialties.
You’ll taste several Roman specialties while strolling around one of the most beautiful and romantic areas in the city, Trastevere, home to the city’s top artisanal producers and traditional restaurants far from the tourist traps.
You will taste: pizza, wine in a typical winery, the jewish artichoke, pasta and biscuits in the most ancient bakery in Trastevere. The most famous Roman food from the city’s top artisanal producers.



Get a Taste of Rome and sample local food as you walk through different neighborhoods:

  • Campo dei fiori Bakery (taste of Local “Pizza Bianca”)
  • Campo dei fiori Winery (where you can taste cheeses and slices of salami, ham, cold meat etc… and a glass local wine*)
  • Jewish ghetto (Roman-Jewish Fried Artichokes and two dishes of Traditional Roman Pasta Amatriciana, Cacio e pepe or Carbonara. A glass of local wine* will accompany your taste)
  • Trastevere (taste cookies and chocolate in the ancient bakeries of Trastevere)
  • Trastevere (Coffee)

* Wine is always a local production selection, depending on the type of food offered. Only guaranteed and quality products will be offered.

**Other types of food can be sampled depending on your preferences.

***Children must be accompanied by an adult

The whole Wine Tasting Tours last 3 hours. Every day.


Meeting Location

Meeting location: Campo dei fiori, in front of La carbonara restaurant
End location: Trastevere

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Activity Reviews

  • "Very recommended"
    I cannot recommend this tour enough. I have been to Rome many times, and thought I was fairly well informed on Italian cuisine, but this opened my eyes (and my taste buds) to a side of Italy that I have never known and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.
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  • "tasty!!!!! i loved it."
    had the most fantastic time on Food & Wine Tour in Rome. It really was a great way to spend the day tasting delicious food and learning about Italian culture
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  • "Delicious!!"
    I spent a fantastic day with my girlfriend learning all about Roman food and culture with the Roman Food Tour. We were blown away by the tastes of the food.
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Activity type : Daily Activity
Duration : 3 hours
Maximum number of people : 12
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